Coastal Decor

Coastal DecorWhether the coast of Maine, South Carolina, Texas, California, or Washington is the inspiration, adding coastal decorating to the home can be done without the expense of hiring a professional decorator. Each of these coasts are characterized by a variety of features, so take some time to research the desired area, then select furniture and decorations to correspond.

The colors inherent in most coastal areas are white, blue, green, and brown with varying shades of each. These colors add a cool, relaxed feeling to any room. They can be combined as desired and used throughout the home for the feeling that each room flows to the next.

When painting the walls of each room, keep in mind that lighter colors make the room appear larger. Neutral colored walls are usually preferred because they will correspond with a wider variety of wall decor and furniture. Tan walls are the old standard, so if in doubt, paint the walls tan and then re-paint when a new color is decided upon.

The furniture will make the look of the room, so choose carefully. If the room will be lived in quite a bit, select comfortable furniture. All pieces do not need to come from the same furniture line, but make sure that each piece matches the next. The colors within the furniture's fabric should also coordinate with the walls and floors. Everything should blend together as if they were all created to go specifically with each other.

For a nautical-themed room, stripes are the fabric of choice. However, keep the stripes sparse in order to prevent the room from feeling cluttered. When overdoing it with this style of furniture, the room can easily get the appearance of being too busy.

When incorporating coastal decorating, it is customary to leave the windows open to enhance the look of the room. If there is the need to use something on the windows, the material and space should be kept to a minimum so as to not take away from the natural light. When using rugs for the floor, it is best to use thatched rugs that will further compliment the decor.

Because of the coastal theme, plants should be very prominent. Using palm trees and orchids will bring a special flair to the room that will truly give someone the feeling that they have been magically transported to another place.

While there are just a few key ideas for coastal decorating, the Internet can provide a wealth of ideas. When trying to create this type of atmosphere, there can often be a fine line that is the difference between spectacular and gaudy. It may take some trial and error to find the perfect beach decor, but when you do, your home will literally become your happy place.