Creative Decor

Creative DecorA fine wall mirror is a lovely decorating accessory in any business or home, and wall mirrors are available in countless sizes and styles to meet ever decorating preference and budget. If you are considering decorating a business or home in a contemporary style, the following creative decorating advice and tips will provide fresh ideas. Beautiful high-quality wall mirrors can be used in a variety of creative ways to add dimension and design to a contemporary space, and instead of just hanging a modern mirror on a bare wall, try something new. It is easy to transform a contemporary space into a striking display with the addition of beautiful a wall mirror or a series of mirrors.

Design a Contemporary Focal Point

A room or an area with contemporary style can be made even more stunning with the inclusion of an eye-catching focal point on a wall, and a beautiful wall mirror can look as spectacular as a modern painting or three-dimensional wall art. Consider displaying a large contemporary wall mirror over a table in a grand foyer, and place a modern sculpture on the table in front of the wall mirror to create a dazzling display.

When a large wall mirror of contemporary style is used in conjunction with a piece of fine furniture of modern style the display is absolutely spectacular. The wall mirror can become the focal point of the room when paired with eye-catching contemporary accent pieces. For a display even more stunning, position the arrangement across from a window that brings in plenty of natural light. The light will be reflected throughout the room to create an ambiance that feels bright and uplifting.

Add the Illusion of Square Footage

Wall mirrors are useful for more than just providing an extra place for checking the appearance and last minute hair styling. A single wall mirror has the innate ability to enlarge the look of a space through its reflective properties. A modern wall mirror or an array of mirrors can be positioned to reflect natural or artificial lighting to add the illusion of size to a room or another area of a home or business.

To add visual size to a contemporary space, select a location for a mirror or a group of mirrors that will capture and reflect filtered light from a window, door, or a chandelier. An area with a lone window can be greatly brightened with the addition of a well placed mirror or a series of mirrors. They will reflect light from the window throughout the room, and the lighting will play off of furnishings and walls. With the help of another pair of hands, try wall mirrors in many different locations before deciding on a permanent place that will make the greatest impact.

Reflections of Artistic Displays

Works of fine contemporary art are spectacular additions to a contemporary home, but if they can only be viewed from a specific side of the room they are not being used to their greatest potential. If you have a beautiful work of contemporary art that is worthy of displaying on more than one wall, place a mirror or a collection of mirrors on an opposite wall from the display. Mirrors will allow the wall hanging to be seen from various angles, and the addition of mirrors is a superb way to add more color and appeal to a contemporary space or area.

Create a Unique Contemporary Skylight

Contrary to popular belief, contemporary mirrors intended for walls can be used in other areas of the home. With a little ingenuity and creativity, mirrors can be securely mounted on a horizontal space to create the look of a beautiful skylight. This decorating technique is especially impressive on a slanted wall or ceiling that reflects windows or colorful contemporary works of art.

To create the illusion of added height in a modern space, hang contemporary mirrors from floor to ceiling. In a contemporary home with a fireplace, mount a mirror above the mantel instead of a painting or another work of art. Mirrors do not always have to be placed at eye level, and when well positioned, a single mirror can change the lighting and ambiance in a room. If you love an ever-changing look in your contemporary home or business, choose mirrors, and transform your space into a stunning showplace that is sure to generate many compliments.