Minimalist Decor

Minimalist DecorThere's something strangely comforting about coming home to an empty space, especially if that space is a chic downtown loft furnished in the style of minimalist decor.

In an urban chic world, minimalist design is back in full swing. The post-World War II design movement that stripped away all but the fundamentals is in every way applicable to the aesthetics of the new millennium. The trend to emphasize raw elements is rooted in the artistic, political, and economic psyche of a growing mass of urban professionals. But let's not get into all of that. Suffice to say that open space, clean lines, and simple furnishings are very much in style.

Whether you live in a space conducive to minimalist design or you'll have to do some tweaking, there are simple ways to bring the movement's calm into your home.

The movement relies heavily on light to create the feeling of open space with a room. Consider natural lighting, color schemes, wall space, and furniture if you are seeking to reinvent the look of your home.

White walls with minimal decoration tend to free space within the room. Some favor off white, as white itself can evoke sterility. Similarly, floors should be kept light; literally. Minimalist design avoids fabrics. Hardwood or concrete floors are favored; open windows prevail over heavy drapery.

Finally, furniture choices are crucial in minimalist design. A perfect place to start is the bedroom. Consider space carefully when selecting a bedroom set. Typically, low profile bed frames are preferred. A dark finish to the bed frame stylishly contrasts light walls, often matched with crisp white bedding. Matching bedroom pieces should be selected for functionality. Elsewhere in the house, the same rule applies: consider space carefully.

Remember that minimalist design seeks to free space; clutter counters the vision of such design. Pieces in your home are a matter of function, as well as aesthetics, and the aesthetics of open space is precisely what creates the feeling of calm this design movement elicits. So choose your furniture carefully and keep in mind the fundamentals of minimalist design: clean lines, asymmetry, and light.