French Decor

French DecorYou do not have to have a passion for the French to bring this style alive in your home. The look is casual and requires no fuss. What could be more appealing than that? And even better, almost anything goes with the French interior design look.

  • Start with picking your color. To get that French flare think colors like foam green, various shades of red, hints of blue, purple and pink, or bold golds and yellows. You are ideally looking for a rustic but natural environment. On the other hand, you also want your French interior design to be an environment that is happy and bright. The great things about the French design is that literally anything goes.
  • Furniture shopping for the French design is big fun! Ideally, you want furniture that looks and feels rustic. The more used that it is, the better it is going to look in your room. Stick with all natural such as pieces that have been stripped and repainted in a dirty white or light green but another great choice is dark wood. Anything wrought iron can go beautifully in this room to complete the French interior design.
  • Accessorizing is super affordable because you can find treasures easily at any antique store, garage sale, or flea market. Remember that imperfections in your accessories only makes the look more perfect. Any signage that has French writing on it is a big score and so are old French jars and pottery. Roosters are great to accent this French interior design. Flowers are a must to complete the look, especially small bunches of lavender scattered about.
  • If you need fabric or wallpaper for your room then look for toile, which is a French fabric. There are many different kinds available but look for something that is fairly neutral in color but also has pictures on it that are convincing to your decor. Depending on where you buy toile, it can be kind of pricey. Use this fabric for slip covers, pot holders, towels, or anything that requires fabric or wallpaper. If you can find toile with roosters on it, not much could be better!

Remember that this French interior design is derived from the French countryside which is lined with old country homes, cottages, and farmhouses. This style is great for simplicity since it carries very few rules and is extremely flexible. You can mix elegant and hominess all together for a look that can be unsurpassed. If the room and the decor feel like the perfect escape then you have done your French interior design perfectly. Perhaps, before you begin your excursion in French rural decor you should look at some of the many designs that are on the market today that reflect this unique look.